Did you know?

Did you know?

Minnesota has laws set in place where it is illegal to drive with a cracked windshield or broken window with a plastic over it. 

Warning ticket

A warning ticket gives you time to get your window fixed without paying a fine. In many cases you might have to provide proof that your window was fixed (usually with a receipt).

Fix-it ticket

A fix-it ticket can cost anywhere from $110-160.00 depending on the county you're in. Plus, you a have to pay the ticket and then pay to get your widow fixed.


Auto glass is crucial to your vehicle

Your vehicle is almost 30-40% glass depending on the type. The structural integrity is important in the case of a roll over accident or an airbag deployment.

Minnesota law gives you the right

You have the legal right to choose the shop who works on your vehicle.

Insurance companies can not legally pressure you into using their preferred shops. (This is called Steering)

Many times the preferred shops are forced to use lower quality parts to keep the cost down for the insurance company.

**Benefits the insurance company not you.**